Containers for Sale

8x8 New
Ceiling insulated
With a lock box mechanism 
The wood floor has been mirralated (clear coating to protect the floor)
8x20 USED
Basic container
No insulation
Some are recertified to go anywhere in the world again
8x20 New
Ceiling insulated
With extra vents
Hockey puck lock mechanism or Lock box
Some with doors at both ends
The wood floor has been mirralated, in some cases (clear coating to protect the floor)
8x20 Refurbished
1 baseboard heater
Incandescent light
Quad receptacle
100 amp panel
Insulated ceiling
8x40 USED
Standard or High Cube (1ft taller)

                                                                                                    *Delivery is Extra on all containers.

Please feel free to stop by the compound and we will be happy to show you the different containers.

For prices on containers call:
250-287-2409 or 1-877-339-1220

We can modify your container for you -  Simple !